What is the CrossFit Open?


The CrossFit Open is an annual international online CrossFit competition. Every Thursday for three consecutive weeks, CrossFit Headquarters releases 1-2 special “Open” workouts for registered athletes to complete. Participants have until the following Monday to do the WOD(s) at their boxes and submit their scores to the online CrossFit Leaderboard. Here, they can see how they rank among every other individual competing in their division. At the end of the three weeks, the top athletes from each region qualify to compete in additional CrossFit competitions, ultimately ending with the CrossFit Games. The 2023 CrossFit Open begins on February 16th and ends on March 6th.



Who Participates in the CrossFit Open?


Anyone! There are Rx, Scaled, Adaptive, and Foundations divisions so that athletes of any age and ability can compete. Maybe you’re wondering, “but if I’m not trying to compete at the CrossFit Games, why would I do the Open?” Great question! While, yes, the most elite CrossFitters do the Open to qualify for additional competitions, most participants are everyday box members. They do it to challenge themselves, evaluate their fitness, try competing, and/or get more involved in the community. Whether brand new to CrossFit or a seasoned veteran, the Open is a place for any and all athletes to push themselves in a fun, supportive environment.



Can I Do the CrossFit Open at CrossFit LPF?


Yes! CrossFit LPF hosts a “Friday Night Lights” social event every Friday evening during the CrossFit Open. Every registered athlete signs up for a time slot (aka “heat”) through Push Press, during which they will complete the workout. There are typically multiple heats per evening consisting of 5-10 athletes each. Every registered athlete will be assigned a judge to count repetitions, enforce movement standards, and provide encouragement through the WOD. Registered athletes will be asked to assist with judging during a heat that they are not competing in. Fellow members, friends, and family are invited as well to watch and cheer on all the competitors. The event is also a potluck, so bring food and drinks to enjoy as we celebrate our community!



Tips to Competing in the CrossFit Open


Determine Your Goals

Decide what it is what you want to accomplish by competing. Do you want to get your first muscle-up during the Open? Do you want place in the top 50% of athletes in your division? Do you just want to make it through each workout without dying? Regardless of what your goal is, create a plan to get there. Ask your coaches for advice if you need help doing so! Then, in the time leading up to the Open, follow this plan to set yourself up for success.


Watch the Open Announcements

CrossFit Headquarters livestreams the announcement of the workout(s) every Thursday on their website at 3pm EST. After describing the workout and reviewing the standards for the included movements, several athletes complete the WOD live. After finishing, these athletes reflect with commentators and provide their tips for tackling the workout. Watch this, either live or recorded, prior to competing to make a well-informed plan for how you’ll conquer each WOD.


Eat Well and Hydrate

It is always important to fuel our bodies properly before and after every workout. This rule is even more crucial to follow during the Open, as many athletes push themselves very hard when competing. Be sure to eat lots of quality, nutritious foods and hydrate appropriately over these three weeks! It will help both your performance and recovery.


Have Fun

It can be easy to feel psyched out by a competitive atmosphere, especially for someone who has never competed before. The Open is meant to be a safe, welcoming environment for you to push yourself as much as you want. If you start to get nervous, remember that this can just be for fun! Be proud of yourself for showing up, then give it your best and enjoy!



How to Register for the CrossFit Open


To register for the CrossFit Open, go to open.crossfit.com and click the blue, oval button that says, “REGISTER TODAY.” This will take you to a login page, where you can log in to an existing account if you have one. If not, click “Create an Account” at the bottom of the page to make one. Once logged in, you will have to agree to the terms and agreements and pay a one-time $20 registration fee. After that, you are all set!



Why You Should Participate in the CrossFit Open


The CrossFit Open is a unique way for all CrossFitters, young and old, new and experienced, to compete against others from all over the world. It allows us to test our physical and mental limits as we complete WODs designed to challenge and inspire us. It connects us with our community by bringing us together to support each other through the hardest moments. The energy that surges through CrossFit LPF during the Open is truly like no other. Register today and come see for yourself!