Training with Goals in Mind

The factor that dictates what intensity we ultimately aim to work out at is a direct representation of our goal for that day.  Are we increasing the weight on the barbell because we’ve been focusing on strength building or because we want to have the heaviest load in...

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What’s the Point? Sports Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one modality of Chinese Medicine where very fine disposable needles are  inserted into a person's skin at specific points, or channels of energy called meridians. Often, an obstruction of flow can occur in these meridians as a result of physical or...

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The Secret Behind a Solid Warm-Up

We wait for 8 o’clock for the workout to be published on SugarWOD. We wait until the next day to get to the gym. We wait for the class before ours to finish to step out on to the floor. Then, in this moment, the waiting is over, and the time has finally come for us to...

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Listen To Your Gut

When you think of reaching new PR’s at the gym you may focus on your mindset, nutrition, sleep habits and exactly how much caffeine you had that day. One thing you’re probably not thinking of is the gut microbiome. The gut is your gastrointestinal tract and it’s...

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Eating for Performance

How can food transform our body into a well-oiled machine? Let’s take a look at all of the components that make this apparatus go on a 400m run, squat below parallel, and lock out at the top. Macronutrients are the categories that foods are placed into based on how...

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Can Cold Showers Really Improve Your Health? 

The concept of cold showers has been experimented with for ages. Could throwing the temperature down actually elicit any positive effects? Here is a list of benefits that you could potentially reap by incorporating the occasional cold shower into your routine: 1)...

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We all may be guilty of over consuming sugar. But what’s the big deal? Sugar is naturally present in most foods, even if just in trace amounts. It contains: NO nutrients NO protein NO healthy fats NO enzymes Sugar is just empty and quickly digested calories that...

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I recently had a female athlete ask me about creatine and whether or not she should take it? I briefly answered her question but later realized that many of our athletes might have the same question which inspired me to put out this blog  with the help of Rob Wildman...

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