At CrossFit LPF we understand the importance of good nutrition and a balanced diet. We know that food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals we need to live, grow and function properly. Our program is created and overseen by a nutrition specialist and is designed to be integrated into your life so you won’t feel deprived. Our program is sustainable and you’ll enjoy delicious, nutritious food.

6 Week Nutrition Challenges

We offer nutrition programs throughout the year for groups as well as one-on-one.

We believe when paired with a proper workout routine, a nutrition plan will help you reach your performance and weight goals. Our coaches will teach you about nutrition, how to lose weight and gain muscle safely. Our program follows a simple approach to making eating healthy, easy and enjoyable. We’ll give you easy and sustainable nutrition guidance and tools that you can implement right away. You’ll learn how to pair delicious and nutritious foods and enjoy being a part of a program that you can integrate what you like to eat. Eating the right foods will give you the fuel to power your workouts, to recover afterward and improve your general health and weight.

You’re not just a member of a gym at CrossFit LPF, you’re a part of our family and we want to keep our family healthy for years to come. Sign up today to improve your life.



Let us help you set new goals for a healthy lifestyle. At CrossFit LPF, our trainers can guide you with weight loss, improving physical strength and mobility, increasing your energy and feeling more fit. We are located in Coconut Creek and serve the surrounding areas of Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Margate, Tamarac, Parkland, Deerfield Beach and more. We’d love to have you join us!

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