STRENGTH: 7:00 Clock!
Progressively Loading EMOM!

Work up to a 3 Rep MAX “T&G” Power Clean & Push Jerk! If you fail, drop down #10 and finish out the EMOM at that weight.

Note: Begin the EMOM at around 60-65% of your 1RM Power Clean only (not Jerk) or based on feel. The first round should be challenging.

Perform the above workout at a set weight of about 3-6 reps every minute for the entire workout.

Suggested Starting Weight:
E: #135/95
RX: #115/85
M/S: #105/75 (#95/65) or 5 sets: DB HPC + 2 DB S2O #35/25

MET CON: 15:00 Clock!

E: 4RFT!
*BUY IN: 100 Dubs!

8/10 DB Snatches #75/45
5 Ring Muscle Ups
8 Alt. Pistol Squats

*BUY IN: 75 Dubs!

Men: 8 C2B Pull Ups
Women: 10 Pull Ups
8/10 DB Snatches #55/35
16 Split Jump Lunges

*BUY IN: 50 Dubs
(35 Dub-A or 75 Singles)!

8/10 DB Snatches #45/25

8 Pull-Ups (8 Jumping Pull Ups, 10 Banded Pull-Ups or 30 Alt. Plank Hold Shoulder Taps)

16 Split Jump Lunges