10:00 EMOM!

Work up to a 3 rep heavy set of Thrusters (UB). Progressively loading from the ground. If you fail, drop down to a challenging weight and finish out the EMOM. Your last successful set will be noted on the whiteboard.

Suggested starting weight:
E: #105/75
(must add #10 every round)

RX: #95/65

M/S: #85/55

Strength MOD: Choose a challenging weight and stick with that weight for the entire workout or 8 DB Thrusters #35/25.

Met Con(s):
17:00 Clock!

A) 7:00 AMRAP!

*Goal: 4R+!

*Penalty: OHS must be done UB! Otherwise, run 100 M. 1 penalty run per round.

10 OHS #135/95
35 Dubs

10 OHS #115/75
25 Dubs

10 OHS #95/65
(or 10 BS #105/75)
25 Dubs (65 Singles)

*Rest 3:00!

B) 7:00 Never Ending Ladder: AMRAP (as many reps as possible).

4-6-8-10-12-14 calories: Row (7)… (keep going up by 2 calories each round)

OTR Burpees