Strength: (15:00)
3 Rep Heavy Snatch… from the power position AKA “pocket” (no hinge).

Perform singles only! Rest no more then 7-9 seconds between reps. Rest as needed between sets. Once you hit your max or you if you fail before the 15:00 mark (and if there’s time), drop down to 85% for 3 reps, then 75% for 3 reps.

Strength Mod: 3 Rep Heavy Power Snatch or Hang Power Snatch.

Strength Alternative:
12:00 AMRAP!

10 Hang Power Snatches #95/65 or 16 Alt. DB Snatches #35/25
30 Mountain Climbers
16 Alt. Split Jump Lunges

Met Con: For Time!

*ALL divisions MUST perform their cleans UB or perform a 100 M “on the spot” penalty run if you drop early! No pausing, re-gripping or re-setting allowed! Once you complete the run finish out your reps and move on to the next round.

E: 4RFT!
5 Full Cleans UB #185/125

10 Burpee / Box Jump Over’s “30/24

RX: 4R + 5 Full Cleans!
5 Full Cleans #155/105

10 Burpee / Box Jump Over’s “24/20

M/S: 4R + 1 additional set of cleans!

8 Power Cleans #115/85 (10 DB HPC #35/25)

10 Burpee / Box Jump Over’s (Alt. Step Ups) “24/20