Strength: (15:00) 3 Rep Heavy “3 Sec Pause” Front Squats!

Once you hit your 3 Rep Heavy (and if there’s time), rest as needed and then perform (AMRAP) as many reps as possible without a pause at the same weight until just before failure! This should be done with close to perfect form. It’s a lot of work, so get right to it!

Strength Mod: 3 Rep Heavy Front Squat (No Pause)

Strength Alternative:
12:00 Alternative!

12 DB FS
12 Ring Rows
12 Double Knee Hugs (Sit Ups)
12 Cal: Row (4)

Met Con: 12:00 Clock!

*Run 100 M EMOM beginning at the 1:00 mark!

ME Double-Under’s (Singles)