November 21, 2016


MET CON: 28:00 Clock!

“Partner WOD”

*Perform 20 (10/10) “Synchronized” Burpees at the 4:00 mark of each workout!

WBS: 100-120+ reps
Bike: 80-100+ calories
Dubs: 400-500+ reps

Try and perform 10-15+ WBS, 10+ Calories and 15-50+ Dubs per athlete at a time.

A) 8:00 AMRAP!

*BUY IN: 20 (10/10) “Synchronized” Burpees!

ME Wall Ball Shots
E: #30/20 (10ft./9ft.)
RX: #20/14 (10ft./9ft.)
SCALED: #14/12 (10ft./9ft.)

REST 2:00!

B) 8:00 AMRAP!

*BUY IN: 20 (10/10) “Synchronized” Burpees!

MAX Calorie Bike!

REST 2:00!

C) 8:00 AMRAP!

*BUY IN: 20 (10/10) “Synchronized” Burpees!

ME Dubs (Singles)!

Rules: As a team, share the work evenly. You cannot work while your partner is working. The tag out method is required. Share equipment if possible. 1 bike per team! Single person WOD’ers will work for the entire time resting as needed. For the “synchronized” burpees, both athletes must have their chest on the ground at the same time before jumping back up Total reps for EACH workout (minus the burpees) = your teams score! Have FUN 🙂