November 21, 2017


STRENGTH: (15:00)
5×3 Overhead Squats

Perform progressively loading sets of 3-3-3-3-3 reps for the time allotted. Note: Your 5×3 does not include warm up sets. Form is Key!

*Clips are required. Do not let empty BB’s drop when de loading your bar!

3 Rep Semi Heavy Overhead Squat focusing on form (and getting comfortable with the movement). Do not MAX out!

Skill Work: Practice OH Squats with a PVC, BB Only or Light Weight. Perform sets of 3-6+ resting between each set. Do not add weight. *Include
some core work in combination with your skill work.

3 Rep Semi Heavy Front Squat…Do not MAX out.

12:00-15:00 Clock!

30 Alt. Plank Hold S-Taps
25-20-15-10-5 Calorie Bike
12 BF Sit Ups!

MET CON: (15:00) For Time!
Goal: Sub 10:00

BUY IN: 400 M Run
CASH OUT: 200 M Run

6 Burpees

12-9-6-3 Ring Muscle Ups
(B-MU = RX but will be noted)

12 OH Swings #70/53

6 Burpees

15-12-9-6 C2B Pull Ups

15 OH Swings #53/35

6 Burpees

15 OH Swings #44/25

21-15-9-6 Pull Ups
(15 Jumping Pull Ups, 15 Banded Pull Ups or 12 Strict Ring Rows… each round: 4RFT)