When you think of reaching new PR’s at the gym you may focus on your mindset, nutrition, sleep habits and exactly how much caffeine you had that day. One thing you’re probably not thinking of is the gut microbiome. The gut is your gastrointestinal tract and it’s filled with many microbes that help keep your body in balance. A lot of the foods we eat, toxins we interact with and OTC medicines we take can all effect the microbiome and can cause bacterial overgrowth. If you have bacterial overgrowth (which most people do to some degree), you’re probably not performing your best at the gym.

So, let’s look how your gut bacteria helps to support your fitness. When your gut bacteria is thriving, your body is absorbing nutrients and it responds to the hormone that is telling you that you are full allowing you to maintain a healthy weight.

Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut? So when you improve your gut health, you’re improving your immune system making you sick less often. Maintaining a strong immune system will also help keep you in the gym and help you from feeling run down.

Here’s a big one guys; post workout recovery. Your gut health is critical for helping your body to balance out your blood sugars, ease soreness and absorb nutrients so it can work on recovering from the workout. Balancing your gut microbiome also helps to protect bone and joint health by targeting inflammation. Better recovery means more effective workouts the next day.

If you’re lacking natural energy in the gym or dealing with a sluggish digestive track, your stamina will also suffer during your workouts. Thankfully, by targeting your gut and balancing your blood sugars you can positively impact your digestive tract, your energy and your stamina.

Speaking of blood sugar, when your blood sugar spikes and drops it can cause serious fatigue and dizziness. Balancing blood sugars before and after the workout can help avoid crashing throughout your workout. Also, when your blood sugars are balanced, you may stop craving sweets, start craving water and notice that your body burns fat instead of storing it. Use a biometric scanner to help see your body fat drop.

So what can we do to improve the gut microbiome? The use of supplements such as pre & probiotics, magnesium and natural anti-inflammatories could support improvements in your body systems and your performance in the gym.  A supplement I recommend is Plexus Triplex. It consists of three separate products: Slim, ProBio 5, and Bio Cleanse.

  • Slim is pre-biotic drink that targets inflammation, balances blood sugars, hormones, lipid levels and helps to burn fat. It’s packed with antioxidants, is non-gmo and plant based.
  • Probio5 is a probiotic that has digestive enzymes and an anti-fungal that kills bacterial overgrowth.
  • Biocleanse is a magnesium supplement that removes the bacterial overgrowth from the gastrointestinal track. Biocleanse also aids in recovery.

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Written By Sam Navarro