June 6, 2016


A) (10:00 Clock) 7:00 progressively loading EMOM!

Perform 3 (Power) Clean & Jerks (UB) every minute on the minute. Progressively load every minute for 7:00, then in minute 8:00, drop down to 75% of your 3 Rep MAX (for the day) and perform as many reps as possible from minute 9:00 to 10:00 (UB). Note: Once you drop, the workout is over.

Suggested Starting Weight:
E: #115/85
RX: #105/75
Scaled: #95/65 (#75/45)

SCALE DOWN OPTION: Perform the above workout but scale down to a Hang Power Clean + S2O and perform between 3-6 reps every minute on the minute for 10:00. Do not progressively load. Stick to a challenging weight. Form is key or MOD: 10:00 EMOM! 6 Alt. Clean & Jerks (#44/25) + 5 Burpees.

B) MET CON: 15:00 Clock!

“Never Ending Ladder”
3-6-9 12-15-18-21…

*Run 200 M Run at the 4:00, 8:00 and 12:00 mark!

Thrusters #115/75
OTB Burpees

Thrusters #95/65
OTB Burpees

OTB Burpees

Thrusters #75/45 (DB Thrusters #35/25)

TTB (TTB-A, Hanging Knee Raises or Double Knee Hugs)