May 26, 2017


STRENGTH: (15:00)
5×1 BB Complex!
1 Full Clean +
1 Front Squat +
1 Split Jerk (UB)

Perform progressively loading sets of 1-1-1-1-1 reps for the time allotted. Note: Your 5×1 does not include your warm up sets. Form is Key!

*Clips are required. De load with Care.

1 Full Clean (or Power Clean) +
1 Front Squat +
1 Push Jerk or Push Press (UB)
focusing on form and technique. Do not go to failure.

1 Power or Hang Power Clean +
2 Push Jerks or Push Press

Skill Work: Practice one of the above options with a BB Only or light weight. Rest between each set. Form is key!

12:00-15:00 AMRAP!
12 Calorie Bike
50 Russian Twists #12/8 WB
25 Dubs (75 Singles)

MET CON: 12:30 Clock!

Take up to 1:30 minutes to complete a 200 M Run + ME BB Thrusters. Rest for 1 minute, then repeat for a total of 5R. Total reps = your score!

Note: There is NO “C” division for the day!

RX: #95/65

MOD: Parking Lot Run + BB Power or Hang Power Clean & Jerk (PP or PJ) or DB Thrusters #25/15