Fun Friday!

Strength: (12:00)
3 Rep MAX Strict Press!

Strength Alternative:
12:00 AMRAP!

15 OH Swings #44/25
15 Goblet Squats
15 Sit Ups
50 Jumping Jacks

Met Con(s):
12:00 Clock!
(as many reps as possible)!

*BUY-IN (0:00-2:00):
E & RX: 400 M Sprint!
M/S: 300 M Sprint!

A) 2:00-6:00
ME Snatches
(any form from the ground)

E: #135/95
RX: #115/85
M/S: #95/65
or MOD: 12 Alt. DB Snatches #35/25

In Succession…

B) 6:00-10:00
ME Clean & Jerk
(any form from the ground) or MOD: BB or DB Hang Power Clean to S2O

*CASH-OUT (10:00-2:00):
E & RX: 400 M Sprint!
M/S: 200 M Sprint!

*PENALTY: Athletes who do not make it back in time from either (or both) runs will get 3 reps (per run) deducted from their total score!