August 19, 2017


MET CON: 24:00 Clock!

Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise: (:30 seconds on/:30 seconds off) before moving onto the next station (6R total of each). Total reps of each exercise = your score!

A) Double Double Under’s

B) C2B Pull Ups

C) Box Jumps “24/20

D) Bike

A) Pull Ups

B) Box Jumps “24/20

C) Bike

D) Double Double Under’s

A) Bike

B) Double Double Under’s
(Dub-A or Single Under’s)

C) Pull Ups (Banded Pull Ups or Ring Rows). NO Jumping Pull Ups!

D) Box Jumps “24/20
(Alt. Weighted Step Ups #25/15 DB)