Super Saturday!

EMOM (32 min Clock): 5R!

*30 sec ON: Work
*30 sec OFF: Rest

ME Goblet Squats
E: #70/53
RX: #53/35
M/S: #44+/25+

(Tuck Jumps or Alt. High Knees)

ME G2O with alternating Lunge
E: #45/35
RX: #35/25
M/S: Same # as RX!

ME Hollow Rocks
(Sit Ups)

E: weighted Hollow Rocks }#25/15 BP

*Run 400 M after every round
(2:00 MAX time cap).

Note: Each round is 6:00! There is a Burpee Penalty of 3 reps if you stop to rest during the :30 sec of work for each exercise. This is to be done during the :30 of rest.