Fun Friday!

A) Met Con:
8:00 Clock!
(as many REPS as possible)

“CrossFit Open Workout 15.4”!

(see pic for WOD description)

RX: #185/125

8:00 AMRAP (as many ROUNDS as possible)!

10 Push Press #105/75 (#95/65) or DB HPC #35/25

10 Power Cleans or Hang Power Cleans (DB HPC #35/25)

Rest 5:00!

B) “All Out” Sled Pushes (8:00 Clock)

In groups of 3 to 4, complete as many 25M and or 50M Sled Pushes as possible in 8:00.

Men: #45×3-4 BP’s
Women: #45×2-3 BP’s

Rest 3:00!

C) Core Work (6:00)

30 Sec ON / 30 Sec Off (alternating EMOM): 3R each!

A) ME Hollow Rocks
(E: #5 plate) (Double Knee Hugs or Sit Ups)

B) 3 sec Superman HOLD (Plank Hold)