August 10, 2016


STRENGTH: (30:00)
1 Rep MAX Clean!

Progressively load to a 1 Rep MAX (or semi Heavy) FULL Clean. Suggested Warm-Up: 3-2-1. Partner up!

*Stay tight and be safe! We are looking for close to “perfect” form!

SCALE DOWN OPTION: (15:00) 1 Rep MAX (or Semi Heavy) Power or Hang Power Clean!

ACCESSORY WORK: If time permits, perform 5×5 Strict Chin Ups (MOD: Banded Strict Pull Ups or Chin Ups). E athletes should consider weighted Chin Ups #14/12 WB.

Note: Athletes who finish the strength prior to the 20:00 mark should consider doing the accessory work, skill work or a shorter version of the Met Con. Begin at the top of the 20:00 mark. Goal: 3R+!

MET CON: 7RFT (30:00!
(Strength Alternative WOD):

12 Alt. FR Lunges #115/85
10 OTB Burpees
200 M Run

200 M Run
12 Alt. FR Lunges #105/75
10 OTB Burpees

200 M Run

10 OTB Burpees

10 Alt. FR Lunges #95/65 (#75/45), BN Lunges or 12 Alt. Suitcase Lunges #35/25

12 Double Knee Hugs