Training or Nutrition: Which is more important?
August Newsletter by Amanda Leonardi

Nutrition is the foundation of performance. Coach Greg Gassman, CrossFit Founder, would agree, as the foundation of the CrossFit pyramid is nutrition. What you eat will have a direct correlation in how you perform, feel and look.

The 2016 CrossFit Game winners were announced this past Sunday: The Fittest Man and Woman on Earth. Interestingly enough, both of the winning athletes, Katrin Thorisdottir and Matthew Fraser made it a point to regularly speak on nutrition on their social media.

Katrin had this to say: “It’s been a process, but working with Adee Zuiker (CEO of WAG) on nutrition has been a game changer for me.” And Matthew Fraser said, “I have been with Paleo Naturals for almost a year now. It’s made a huge difference in my training and appearance.”

This is a much contested topic in the fitness world. There are articles that argue that training is more important, while others say nutrition is should take precedence. So which is it?

When you lift weight, your muscles experiences an increase in protein synthesis and an increase in protein breakdown. According to World of Sport Science, Muscles grow by repairing small micro-tears that occur on a cellular level during exercise. When you exercise, you are putting your muscles under stress and soon muscle protein synthesis kicks in and beings to repair muscles. The new protein your body just built is now stronger then before, making exercise a key component of muscle growth.Our bodies are truly incredible; “Fearfully and wonderfully made.”

During the 1-rep max week at CrossFit LPF, we all did a good amount of “muscle tearing”. Our bodies know that next time it needs to be ready and so it adapts in order to be able to handle the stress better than before.

But we must do our part to aid our bodies in recovery and repairing and this is where nutrition comes in. The only way to stop muscle loss is to add QUALITY nutrients. My husband, Renee is a car enthusiast. When you see him at the gym ask him what type of gas he puts in his car. He will most definitely say premium and be ready for a small lecture as to why you should also be putting premium in your car. Boys and girls, our bodies are of more value than our cars! Eat quality nutrients because no matter how hard you train, you cannot out train a bad diet.

To best answer our initial question, let me ask you another question: Which is more important, the right wing on an airplane or the left wing?

P.S Nutri-Built together with LPF will be hosting a Nutrition Workshop and a 21- Day Challenge Nutrition Challenge beginning soon! Here is your opportunity to see for yourself how training AND nutrition together will help your performance in the gym.