Tabata Drills!
(19:00) 8R:
(20 sec on/10 sec off)

Athletes will spend 4:00 at each station before transitioning to the next exercise.

A) Max Cal Row (5/6)

Rest 1:00!

B) ME HPC (DB HPC #35/25)
E: #95/64
RX: #85/55
M/S: #75/45

Rest 1:00!

C) ME Target Burpees
men: Top Bar
women: Bottom Bar

Rest 1:00!

D) ME Pull ups or ME Alt. Plank Rows #35/25. 2 Rows = 1!

Rest 3:00!

4×200 M Sprints!

*The clock will restart every 2:30! Your slowest time will get recorded on the whiteboard.