August 12, 2017


MET CON: 40:00 Clock!

A) (5:00) All Out Sled Pushes!

In groups of 3-6 and in a rotating fashion, perform as many sled pushes as possible.
Men: #45 BP x 2-3
Women: #45 BP x 1-2

REST 2:00!

B) 5:00 AMRAP!
10 Burpees
10 Hollow Rocks (P: BF Sit Ups)

REST 2:00!

C) Repeat A (Sled Pushes)
REST 2:00!
D) Repeat B (AMRAP)
REST 2:00!
E) Repeat A (Sled Pushes)
REST 2:00!
F) Repeat B (AMRAP)

Total reps of Burpees & Hollow Rocks = Your Score! Note: There is NO “C” for the day… RX and P Only!