September 6, 2016


SKILL WOD: 30:00!

A) 6:00 Clock!

(cone to cone) Handstand Walk “skill work” or :30 Sec On/:30 Sec Off of ME Alt. Handstand Hold Shoulder Taps (against the wall)

:30 Sec On/:30 Sec Off “active” Parralette Handstand Holds

:30 Sec On/:30 Sec Off Handstand Hold (Partial Wall Walk Plank Hold or Plank Hold (elbows).

REST 2:00!

B) 6:00 EMOM!

“Hang On”

Perform the following every minute on the minute UB!

15 OH Swings “AFAP”
E: #70/53
RX: #53/35
SCALED: #44/25

MOD: ME OH Swings or RKBS every :30 seconds. Goal: 12-15+ UB!

REST 2:00!

C) 6:00 Clock!
(:30 Seconds On
/:30 Seconds Off)

“Hollow Holds”

MOD: Hollow Rocks, assisted Hollow Rocks or Double Knee Hugs

REST 2:00!

D) 6:00 EOTM!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Athletes will perform an “all out” MAX Calorie Row (4) every other minute on the minute for 6:00. Try and hit the same number of calories each round. Efficiency is key! Reset your row after each round.