We’re excited to introduce our September Athlete of the Month:

Mrs. Shirley Craig. 

Can you hear the fire works? Woot Woot!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate this woman and friend. This athlete has been with Coach Aida for a long, long time and trust us, she does it all. She’s an outstanding business woman, amazing hairdresser, incredible mother & wife and a fearless athlete. It’s women like Shirley that remind us that “It can be done.” She’s come so far…if only she could kip (haha).

Here are 5 things you may not know about Shirley:

1) Shirley’s favorite movement is the Back Squat! She loves strong looking legs. With a 1RM Back Squat of 240lbs., it’s no surprise.
2) She’s also passionate about track and field.
3) Her least favorite movement is the Pull Up. She says “I simply haven’t mastered the kip yet, Ugh!”
4) You probably would have never guessed it but Shirley is going to be “50” in November! Inspiring right? Hard work pays off! #doworkstayhumble
5) Shirley says CrossFit has improved her confidence and has made her stronger! She believes CrossFit is for everyone regardless of their fitness level.

Shirley, we can always count on you for many things including your love, support and loyalty! Not only as a member of LPF, but more importantly as a friend. Thank you for trusting the program, for setting an example and showing up no matter how tired or busy you are. Life never gets in your way; Thank you for allowing us to help you reach your goals – We love you!

Athletes, please join us in congratulating our September Athlete of the Month!