December 6, 2016


MET CON: 26:00 Clock!


Complete SETS “UB” as prescribed for each workout!

NOTE: Workouts A and C are 5:00 clocks (5:00 AMSAP). Workouts B and D are 5:00 EMOM’s (As prescribed EMOM for 5:00).

GOAL: Base each workout on your ability to perform sets UB, AFAP and efficiently! If you break or fail, rest and re-focus. Focus on your breathing and control your rest time. Mind the clock!

A) 5:00 Clock: Pull Ups!
Goal: 6-10+ total UB sets!

E: C2B Pull Ups:
4 or 6 reps (per set)

RX: 4 or 6 reps (per set)

SCALED: 2 or 4 reps (per set)
*MOD: 5 or 8 “Kip Only’s”, 4 Banded Pull Ups (per set), or 6 Ring Rows with perfect form!

REST 2:00!

B) 5:00 EMOM: “All Out” Bike!
Goal: Maintain a set pace while focusing on efficiency (hitting the same number of calories EMOM within the same time frame). Reset your Bike each time!

E: 11/9 Calories

RX: 10/8 Calories

SCALED: 9/7 Calorie

REST 2:00!

C) 5:00 Clock: Dubs!
Note: If you break during the set, rest 15-20 seconds and start over. Efficiency is key… Goal: 6-8+ total UB sets!

E: 25, 30 or 35 Dubs

RX: 10, 15 or 20 Dubs

SCALED: 5 or 8 Dubs (no singles in between) or 1 Single/1 double or 25, 35 or 50 Singles AFAP!

REST 2:00!

D) 5:00 EMOM: S2O!
Goal: Sub :20 Sec per set!

E: 12 S2O #115/75

RX: 10 S2O #105/65

SCALED: 10 S2O #85(75)/45
*MOD: 10 DB Push Press #35/35