January 24, 2017

“Skill WOD”

A) (10:00) Handstand Walks!

Choose your skill based on ability and complete AMSAP. Note: Athletes working on HS Walks or HS Shoulder Taps should be able to show control in a HS position and know how to fail safety! Rest as needed between sets but mind the clock.

1. HS Walks (cone to cone outside on the patio)

2. HS Kick Up + 2-4 (alternating… same arm/same shoulder or opposites) Shoulder Taps (on the wall)

3. C2W Wall Walks with 3 Sec HOLD

4. 10:00 EMOM: (:30 On/:30 Sec Off) “active” HS Hold

MOD: 5 C2G Walk Outs or 20 Plank Hold Shoulder Taps + 30 Russian Twists #12/8 WB

REST 2:00!

B) 10:00 EMOM!
Perform each round UB and AFAP. Goal: Sub :25 – :30 Seconds per set. Efficiency is key!

Competitor: 8-10 Alt. KB Snatches #70/53 (from the ground)

RX: 8-10 Alt. KB Snatches #53/35 (from the ground)

Performance: 10 Alt. DB Snatches #35/25 (#25/15) (from the ground)

REST 2:00!

C) (10:00) All Out Sprint Work!

Take up to 2:00 to complete each round AFAP. Rest for the remaining time, then repeat for a total of 4R-5R. Goal: Sub 1:00 per Sprint! MOD: Take up to 2:30 per round for a total of 4R!

4×200 M Sprints!