CFLPF is proud to introduce our “November Athlete of the Month… Mrs. Lynn Jones” !

Lynn has been with CFLPF a little over a year and a half. As with most of my athletes, I still remember her first day. Let’s just say that there was a presence and it was felt by both of us. When I first met Lynn, I said to myself “this is going to be a hard sell”. I could tell she was an experienced athlete and she was looking for a new challenge. I thought… “I have just what your looking for lady”. It’s been almost two years since she joined our gym and not much has changed. Lynn is still trying to figure us out. We have daily conversations about the programming and the questions are almost always the same… “Aida, how did you guys come up with this stuff? The workouts are always so complex”. Well, with amazing athletes like Lynn Jones, the workouts better be complex. She is one of many athletes, that keeps us on our toes. She wants to be stronger, faster and better everyday of the week and we love that about her. Although, we can’t take full credit for her athletic abilities we are honored to be apart of it and her growth. She is truly a roll model at our box. Everyone knows Lynn Jones! She is 63 years young and can hang with the best! When the clock is running, there’s no stopping her. She’s competitive but it’s more with herself than with anyone else. It’s like she’s trying to learn a little more about herself every time she works out and she does. She has grown so much since she became a part of our box and is making it a priority to be the best she can be everyday. She wants the same for everyone around her. There are so many friendships being formed here at CFLPF and she is one of the reasons why. Her super friendly personality is contagious and she continues to be an inspiration to all of us and we are blessed to call her our athlete. Lynn has all of the qualities of the Athlete of the Month!

Please join us in congratulating our November winner! We asked Lynn about her experience with CrossFit LPF. Please take a moment to read what this fierce athlete had to say!

“November” Athlete of the Month!

Name? Lynn Schultz Jones

Age (optional)?
63 (soon to be 64)

I was a stay at home mom for 20 years. Then I taught Elementary School for 12 years.
Presently, I substitute teach a few days a week.

Marital Status?
Married to my wonderful husband, Kevin, for the last 34 years.

Does your spouse train CrossFit?

How many children do you have?
I have 4 amazing children – Greg 32, Becky 29, Daniel 26 and Timothy 21.

Do they train CrossFit?
No, but if they lived here, I would make them join LPF. (lol)

How long have you been training CrossFit?
1 year,18 months.

What made you decide to join CFLPF (and stick with the program)?
I wanted to increase the level of my daily workout and my buddies,
Melissa and Maritza, convinced me to join them at LPF.
Once I experienced the intensity of the LPF workout, there was no going back to the regular gym.

Name 3 things you love about your gym?
1) The programming, thanks to coach Aida, is exceptional. I am continually pushed out of my comfort zone,
doing things I never thought were possible and loving it.

2) The LPF community is an amazing group of athletes of all ages and fitness. Everyone is there supporting each other.

3) The coaches are dedicated and committed to help each member become a stronger and a more confident athlete.

Have you always worked out?
Yes. I played sports through grade school and high school (softball, basketball, field hockey and track).
Also, I have had a very consistent yoga practice for the last 38 years. And I spent many hours in the local gyms
and local boot camps in the area before finding LPF.
What is your favorite sport or team?
I love watching football. Since my family is a split house, I am both a Seminole and Gator fan.
I also like it when the Dolphins and the Redskins win.

What is your favorite lift or movement?
Squats (Back Squat, Front Squat, Wall Ball Shots.

I am a good squatter. (lol)

If applicable, what is your 1 Rep Max (favorite lift)? Back Squat #215!

What is your least favorite lift or movement?
Cleans and Snatches

They are technical and I am not so good at those movements.

How has CrossFit impacted your life (outside the gym)?
I have become much stronger both mentally and physically.
My health is very good and my hope is my good health continues so my husband
and I can enjoy many years with my grandchildren whenever that time arrives.

What is your favorite part of CrossFit?
It doesn’t get easier but you get stronger.

Would you say CF is for everyone? Yes, for sure!

Everyone should learn to push themselves a little more physically and mentally
than they did the day before. The results can only be positive.