October 31, 2017


Halloween “Partner” MET CON: 31:00 AMRAP!

BUY IN: 10:00 Clock! In an alternating fashion, perform as many 200 M (relay style) Sprints of as possible in 10:00. Total number of 200 M Sprints between the team gets recorded on the whiteboard. NOTE: Every 100 M counts! Goal: 7 to 10 (total)!

Then, in succession (for the remaining time)… (Goal: 3R-4R+)

31 (16/15) Calorie Bike

10/10 Toes to Bar

17/17 Hang Power Cleans #115/75

17/17 Hang Power Cleans #95/65

10/10 Toes to Bar

31 (16/15) Calorie Bike

17/17 Hang Power Cleans #75/45

10/10 Toes to Bar (5/5 TTB-A or TTR-A, 31 (16/15) Hanging Knee Raises or 31 (16/15) BF Sit Ups

31 (16/15) Calorie Row

Break up the reps any way but as prescribed.

You cannot work while your partner is working.

The tag out method is required.

Share equipment if possible. Note: 1 rower or bike per team. You must start on 0 calories each round.

Each athlete gets graded individually. C/RX follows C order, RX/P follows RX order.

Have FUN!