Strength: (15:00)
Back Squats

Take 90% of your 1RM BS and use that number as your base weight to calculate the following percentages (listed below).

Progressively load to 70% (2-3 sets of 3-5 reps) and perform the following…

90%x3+ (AMRAP) as many reps as possible until just BEFORE failure. Perform these reps with close to perfect form!

Strength Alternative:
12:00 AMRAP!

10 BS #95/65
20 Split Jump Lunges
(Alt. Lunges)
15 Hollow Rocks
100 M Run

Met Con: 12:00 AMRAP!

qualifying workout #2 (revised)

12 BB Thrusters +
25 Dubs

Note: This is a Progressively loading workout from the ground. If you fail before the 12:00 mark your thruster workout ends and your penalty begins regardless of the time left on the clock (only 3 failed attempts allowed).

*Penalty: Finish out the workout with ME Burpees. Your results for the entire workout will be recorded on the whiteboard.

Starting weight:
E: #95/65
RX: #85/55
M/S: #75/45

E: Progressively load by adding #10 every round.

RX: Progressively load by adding #5 pounds every round.

M/S: Progressively load by adding #5 every round or warm-up to a challenging weight and stay at that weight for the entire met con (mod: DB Thrusters #35/25).