A) (10 min) Strict Pull-ups
(OK to partner up)

E: 5×5 “weighted” S-P.U.
men: #12/14 WB
women: #8/12 WB
or #20 weighted vest

RX: 5×5 “unassisted” S-P.U.

S: 5×5(8) “banded” S-P.U.

CF Light: AMRAP!
50 Singles
30 Toe Taps (or 20 Step ups)
15 Sit Ups
100 M Run: Begin run with 5 Broad Jumps

Met Con: AMRAP (15 min)
(see pic below for workout description: courtesy of Outlaw)

E: (programmed by Outlaw)
men: #135/155/185
women: #95/115/135

men: #115/135/165
women: #85/95/115

S: #135/95 (or 115/85). Scaled athletes will choose a challenging weight and stay at that weight for the entire workout.