Mandatory Monday!

SWOD: (35 min time cap)!

BB Bear Complex SWOD
7 sets of the sequence (5R) P. loading: Rest between rounds as needed but keep in mind that the time cap is 35 min! Pick your starting # and load from there. Ending weight gets recorded on the board.

Rules: You cannot drop the bar during the round (7 sets). You cannot re-grip. It must be touch & go. Otherwise you must start the round over! Rest as needed BETWEEN rounds NOT sets.

PC (OK to Squat Clean)
FS (FS & PP can be a Thruster but the Squat Clean cannot count as your FS)
BS (BS & BNPP can be a BN Thruster)

Strategy: Think of what your ending weight will be and break down your loads from there (5R) to your starting weight. Suggested starting weights #:
E: #95/65
RX: #85/55
M: #75/45

*800 M “recovery run (time permitting)!

CF Light: AMRAP!
400 M Sprint
15 FS
20 PP