Strength: (12:00)
3 rep” heavy” Strict Press

Progressively loading from the rack. Once you reach your heavy or you fail and if there is time, drop down and do the following….


Strength Alternative:
10:00 AMRAP!

250 M Row (3/5)
15 Hollow Rocks (BFSU)

Met Con:
15:00 EMOM!

“Macho Man”

*Revised from 20:00 to 15:00!

3 Power Cleans
(Full Cleans are OK)

Mod: 5 BB or DB HPC #35/25

3 Front Squats

Mod: 5 DB FS

3 Jerks (any form of Press is OK)

Mod: 5 DB PP

E: #155/105
RX: #135/95
M/S: #115/75 (#95/65)

OK to break up the reps as needed!

*Note: E and RX athletes must complete all of the reps for each round in order for it to get noted on the whiteboard.