May 11, 2016


“Interval Work”: 29:00 Clock!
(30 sec ON/30 sec OFF)

Athletes will have up 30 seconds to complete as many consecutive and calculated reps as possible within the time allotted. Write down your # of reps per round for comparison and try to hit the same # every time. If you hit failure early (prior to the 25 sec mark), your working too hard.

The goal is to build consistency under pressure while maintaining close to perfect form throughout without going to failure. This is a 75%-85% day depending on the movement and your ability. Be methodical!

A) 5R: Hang Power Cleans
or DB HPC #35/25

Suggested Weight:
E: #115/85
RX: #105/75
Scaled: #95/65

*Goal: 15 reps per round!

Note to ALL Divisions: Do not rebound (on the HPC and Box Jumps) if you can’t consistently do it every time.

REST 1:00!

B) 5R: Box Jumps “24/20
(Alt. Step Ups)

*Goal: 8-12 reps per round!

C) 5R: Calorie Row (4)

*Goal: 10-12 calories per round!

REST 1:00!

D) 5R: Push Press (Same # as the HPC)
or DB PP #35/25

*Goal: 12-15 reps per round!

REST 1:00!

E) 5R: Double-Under’s (Dub-A or Singles)

*Goal: 35-50 reps per round!