Merry Christmas!

Met Con:
For Time (45:00)

“12 Bars of Christmas”

RX: #95/65
(Scaled: #75/45)

1st Day:
1 Deadlift

2nd Day:
2 Hang Power Cleans

3rd Day:
3 Front Squats

4th Day:
4 Shoulder “Strict” Press

5th Day:
5 Back Squats

6th Day:
6 Push Press

7th Day:
7 Thrusters

8th Day:
8 Squat Cleans

9th Day:
9 Push Jerks

10th Day:
10 Hang Power Snatches

11th Day:
11 OHS

12th Day:
12 SDL High Pulls

*MOD: Partner workout using a BB! You can break up the reps as needed. You cannot work while your partner is working. Tag out method is required. Modify weights as needed but challenge yourself. Please share equipment if possible.