October 4, 2017


MET CON: 23:00 Alt. EMOM!
(1:00 On/1:00 Off)

All Out Work! Perform ME reps
in 1:00 of the following in the order
as prescribed. Rest 1:00, then move
on to the next station. Repeat for a
total of 3R. Total reps for each exercise
= your score!

Bike: 50-60+ / Row: 60-65+
Power Cleans: 40-50+
R-Muscle Ups: 25-30+
Box Jumps: 60-75+

A) MAX Calorie Bike

B) ME Power Cleans #165/105

C) ME Ring Muscle Ups (Bar MU
= RX but will be noted)

D) ME Box Jumps “24/20

A) MAX Calorie Row

B) ME C2B Pull Ups

C) ME Power Cleans #135/95

D) ME Box Jumps “24/20

A) ME Box Jumps (Alt. Step Ups)

B) MAX Calorie Row

C) ME Pull Ups (Ring Rows or
“single arm” 5/5 DB Plank Rows #

D) ME Power (or Hang Power)
Cleans #115/75 (#95/65 or #75/45)